Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 19 P90X

Do you ever have nights when you sleep so hard you're like the dead?! I was sleeping so sound that when I awoke it was like I "jumped" out of sleep! None of this easing into the day....I jumped out of bed, grabbed some water, and my shoes. Got the DVD up and ready, Blam! workout time! Man...not an easy way to start the day! I did my legs and back. Great workout. I love the leg work, although they are like rubber when I'm done!

I have spent all morning reading recipes and nutrition books. I still need some work on cleaning up my diet. I am about 1000% better than I was last year, but still need some tweaking. I can't remember the last time I ate a fast food hamburger...I'm not kidding, it's been maybe 2 years. I don't eat any fried foods, or chips, or donuts. These just aren't appealing to me anymore. Although I would kill for some fries or a brownie! We had donuts here at the office at our office meeting. I didn't even want one! Hey! That's progress!

I am hoping to post 1/2 way progress pics of my Clothing Challengers. I've got Jamie's pic, but need Rob, Suzette, and Nadine. Me too, of course! If you are all reading this...send your pics to

Hoping you all have a fabulous weekend. Do something for yourself.


Nadine said...

OMG Girl, I am so sorry! I thought we were sending pics at the end of 30 days! I'll take one tomorrow. Though 4 pounds won't show crap. LOL

WTG on doing your exercises. Can you come kick my butt?

Mike Groom said...

Shari, great to see you pushing as hard as ever. Good work!

Michael said...

Shari, great job!

Anonymous said...

Shari,everyday you push yourself hard you will be making progress. it might show itself right away but know you are doing it! your efforts will pay off!
I'll get my pic to you later today!

Anonymous said...

i meant to say "it might not show itself right away." anyways, you get my point i hope...keep pushing! you will get there!

carla said...

stumbled upon you via other blogs... you look GREAT.

Im thisclose to 40 and think often how we (the royal) had no FIT role models when I was younger.
I thought one turned thirty and gave up :)

off to explore.