Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 11 P90X

I have decided that I hate Yoga. I did 1/2 an hour of the Yoga X and called it quits. It bores me out of my mind. So I did Turbo Jam instead. I know this is not part of my program, but 90 min of Yoga is a bit much! I might do the last 30 min of the DVD tonight, because I really like that part.

I was feeling pretty good after my workout..Went in to shower and get dressed. I put on a skirt that I wear just about every week and it is TIGHT!!! WTF!! how'd that happen???? Some of the girls on my P90X board said that they all gained a little weight at the beginning. I understand that, but INCHES???? I'm not going to worry about it. I am only into my 2nd week, I have a long way to go. I'm not going to judge until 90 days are up.

I'm hungry today also. That's new. I'm usually pretty okay with what I eat. Need to get myself to and see what I've had calorically today. Gotta feed the beast! LOL!!

Shout out to my Clothing Challengers! How's everyone doing??? I saw that Jamie is down a little bit! Yay, girl!'s it going for you? Suzette? Nadine??

Today's Affirmations:

I am able to maintain my ideal weight
I can lose body fat
I will lose some body fat each day


Anonymous said...

I have never tried yoga.
as far as the size change, i couldn't tell you. maybe water weight. double check what you are eating...could be anything, i guess.
as far as the clothing challenge, i haven't tried on my suit since i bought it. maybe i'll do a half way point try on. I really think I need to kick it up a gear though. had a hared day today.(like any day is easy?!)i've got to get into my zone!
I have had several people comment at work that they thought I'd lost more weight(whatever that means) or look "smaller". so i guess i am making some kind of progress.

Rob said...


I'm still here and kickin it!!!

Yeah, I think it's probably water weight too.

M said...

Hey, it's Drishti from "The Sisterhood!"

I had to come check out your blog. Way to go! Love it when I see a fellow sister over 40 kicking things up a notch! :0)

Your last entry made me feel pretty good. I have to tell you, I'm a yoga teacher (part-time) and I too hate Yoga X! Sounds funny, but THAT kind of yoga is completely different than the type I do. I find that workout to be so repetitive and as you put it, BORING.

I know we're in the minority. But I just wanted to mention it because I don't want you to get the impression that that workout is what yoga is ..... 'cuz there are so many different styles and they are all very different. I do Kripalu Yoga and I am never bored and love every minute of it. It's gentler than what you see on that DVD and there's a much bigger focus on mind/spirit than powering through pushups and doing the same moves over and over again. Still might not be your thing but I felt I had to mention it.

And I was so relieved to find another Yoga X hater! :)

I'm on Day 11 myself, so we're pretty much right at the same point. Keep up the great work!