Thursday, April 10, 2008

Side by side March 23, and April 10

Just thought it would be interesting to see the difference side by side.


Roy and Hazel said...

keep at it Shari!
your energy and commitment is amazing!

nellyandjohnny said...

Hi Shari! It's nellyandjohnny here who post on Broadsword's site. I'm kind of confused by your 'such a shit' comment. Think that might have come from Broadsword. I'm The Opponent and the Devil on his Shoulder! I'll sign my posts The Opponent from now on. Glad you thought my Rocky comment made sense. That was me not the 6-packer who happens to be a slim git!! Good luck on your quest I completely admire what you're doing. If you fancy a chuckle you can read my own blog It's about being thrown into a new job with hopes and aspirations but reality quickly bites. Good luck again x

Broadsword said...

Well done! That's a real and definite improvement!