Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day19--April Fool's Day!

I really hate loading these pics. All the more reason to stick to my program. I want to have the satisfaction of knowing that I have done something HUGE! Something that not everyone can/will do. Losing weight is hard and it takes time. I want to be able to take a pic of me in my red dress on May 1, and have it look nice. That's my first goal. THEN I want to hit 175lbs. THEN...150. I know I can do this! I just have to stay focused on my goals.

One of the things I have done to keep my goals in front of me is keeping this blog--it's public and keeps me accountable. The embarassment of having these horrible pics out there for the whole world to see makes me want to PROVE that I can do this. It brings out my competitive nature. A few other things....I cut out pics of bodies that I like out of magazines. I keep them in my day planner. I also write my workouts in my planner. Nothing in detail--that's what this blog is for. I just "schedule" myself in for a workout! I also visit other women's (and a few men's) blogs. These women are so inspirational. I read about women who have 200+ lbs to lose. My piddly little 50-60 lbs is nothing compared to what they are doing. I read Fitness Cure by Maria Kang every day. This keeps my goals right out in front of me--all day long. Find what works for you, and do it!

Today was the first day of Lactic Acid Training. Also a low carb day. It was pretty tough. I think I am getting the hang of this program. It's tough, but I really like it! It's the first program that I have done that I know I can stick with.

After talking with Nick about my "lack of progress" I feel a whole lot better. I'm just rushing things. I'm just excited and anxious to finally get this fat off. I want it NOW!!! I know you KNOW what I'm talking about!

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