Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 41

I have been added to "The Shreddersphere". I am so honored. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out this site: RTP-Blog Adam Waters This guy has had a really fantastic transformation. There are several of us that are blogging along with him amd sharing our transformations with the world. He was/is in fact the inspiration for me to start my own blog. I have also listed fellow bloggers on my side bar. Check out their transformations and stories. All are motivators.

I forgot to bring my January photo to download! DUH...will do tomorrow. You will be amazed at what I've done in 4 months. I can really see the changes! Can't wait for the next 90 days.

I am wrapping up my first experience with Metabolic Surge. I have accomplished a lot in the last 7 weeks. I have learned that I'm not a sissy girl after all! LOL!! I can lift weights, do HIIT cardio, and I am eating better than ever, even with an occassional mishap. Exercise has become a way of life for me.

When I look back to 2005, I see a person that looked and felt like crap! I still don't look great, but a whole lot better than then! I learned about eating 5-6 small meals to keep my blood sugar up, which carbs were "good",and also that it was okay to eat fat--the right fats.

My body feels better. My hip and knee pain are gone. I am more limber, although I am still working hard in that area. I used to be a cheerleader..splits, jumps, and stretching were a daily routine. I could bend or split any which way! Now that I'm older, I have neglected my stretching--a thing I always took for granted. I figured I'd always be limber. Nope!

I was invited to lunch today: I always have trouble with restaurants. I had chicken and rice soup, a breadstick, and a glass of water. I was full--still am! Proud that I didn't go for the burger and fries--although they were calling my name!

Todays' Affirmations
I am a lean mean fatburning machine
I like myself the way I am
I drink 8 glasses of water every day


CeeKaye said...

Hi Shari,

You Rock! Hey i'm a sucker for a good muschroom and swiss myself =9

May i share some info with you? About carbs - the fact is that refined carbs and sugar are both what spike your blood sugar. When you eat good carbs like brown rice or sweet potato in combo with a protein and a firbrous carb, your blood sugar stabilizes, thus allowing your body to produce less of insulin (the fat storage hormone), and mnoe of glucagon, the fat RELEASE hormone.

I've god a crapload of other cool tidbits of info thruout my blog if you ever feel like browsing...

ok, have a great nite! Ciao~

CeeKaye said...

whoa, sorry about the typos! Looks like i 'hab a code id by dose' LoL (I promise next time to proofread before hitting the publish button)

Debbie said...

Shari, I'm checking out your blog for the first time and am impressed with your spirit and attitude. I will add you to my list of shredders on my blog. You can do this, Shari. You mentioned a spanking on your previous day's post. Be careful, Mike Groom has a big stick that he threatened to use on Lilla! If you didn't see that photo - check out his blog. I think it was last week.

Alex W said...

Wow - that guy is amazing!