Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 40 all know that I had a miserable week last week. I am now taking my "spanking". My scale weight is up, but my bodyfat % is down...I can't believe that it was down, after the junk I ate! I must have done enough RIGHT last week to cancel out the bad. I see in my pics that not much progress is showing. I found my original start pic from January 2nd, 2008. As soon as I can, I will post that, you will see a HUGE difference. It made my day to see the change.

I am back on my eating plan and I will be starting P90X on Monday. I got the DVD's yesterday. I watched a few of them and did one of the workouts. I am SORE today! This is a really extreme workout! I did the fit test and passed the minimums on all exercises. I knew I was ready to move up to a harder program, but I don't know!!! This is pretty tough. I spent all day yesterday reading, watching, planning. I am ready--my coach Jeff says I am ready. If it wasn't for him, I would never have attempted this! I never had anyone tell me I could do something like this. I am excited and can't wait until Monday. This will be a new chapter in my fitness book, and I want you to "read" along with me!

here are my measurements:
Bust: 43.75 same
Waist: 37 same
Hips: 44 up 1/4"
Abdomen: 42 same
Thighs 23 down 1/2"
Body Fat: 36.9 down 1%

today's affirmations:

1. I am a beautiful woman (handsome man!)
2. My body is releasing fat every day
3. I am a size 6, I have always been a size 6


Roy and Hazel said...

Best of luck Shari with your new programme! Sounds a bit tough to me but you have the stamina and determination to succeed. Will be watching your progress closely (and cheering from the sidelines)!

CeeKaye said...

Burn that fat!!!! Imagine the little buggers spontaneously combusting, or popping like little balloons every time you take a step on the treadmill...

Patricia Bennett Wilson said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog about Legacy. I loved all the things it took to be a wife and Mom in the earlier years, but I truly loved the 50's. You finally have time to search for your passion and pursue it. My blog tells all about mine.
Program you are in involving weight loss can be part of all that, but I found that relying on ‘numbers’ scale weight, measurement, etc. can be pretty overwhelming. I just decided on a regular – fun—exercise program (i.e. Jazzercise, Curves, Aerobics, swimming, walking) and eating things that were good for me made all the difference. Meanwhile I made a ton of friends and felt sooo much better. Somehow the ‘numbers’ didn’t mean much anymore and I fit my pants better! The trick is making it a lifestyle. I am in my 60’s now and go to Curves every morning at 7:30. said...

Welcome the the shreddersphere, Shari. Shred on!

Michael said...

Shari! Way to go! Remember, 90% compliance is good enough. Shred hard!

Mike Groom said...

Looking forward to seeing your before photo and seeing how far you have come so far!

Anonymous said...

HI Shari! I, too, am looking forward to seeing your first pic so we can see how far you have progressed! Keep working it hard! It does take time, eventhough we would like it to happen right now. You'll look back and won't believe what you see! but you have to believe that you will get there!!! you can so do this P90x program! push through it!!! You'll be so glad you did!

Joni said...

Interested to see how you do on P90X - there seems to be a lot of "buzz" about it lately, so let me know what you think and what it involves.