Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 36

Well...I am winding up the week feeling like crap. I have eaten junk just about everyday this week! I had pizza for dinner and 3 cookies yesterday. The good news is...all the junk is out of the office. I threw what was left in the trash. I went home and did the same to my kitchen. Another thing that contributed to this week of crap, was the fact that I did NOT cook ahead, I did NOT follow my plan. I completely fell off the wagon! I think I have climbed back on and I'm hanging on for dear life!

I pulled out my Turbo Jam DVD's this morning. I did "Fat Blaster". If you know anything about TJ...The Turbo's are high paced intervals placed within the regular workout. This DVD is nothing BUT Turbos! It's fast, it's hard, and it's fun! If you haven't already checked out Turbo Jam, you need to! Chalene Johnson is fabulous.

I feel pretty good today, and back in charge!

Here's Today's Affirmations:

I am a strong woman (man)
I can do anything
My body is releasing fat every day

Okay...your turn! Leave me affirmations/goals in my comments. Come only takes a minute! :)

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My Better is Better said...

I know the feeling. I love your blog. I copied your rocky tubes and pasted them on my new blog. I am new to this after being horizontal (aka on the couch) for over a year now. I decided I needed to kick my own ass for a change. I put your blog in my reader. Good luck you're gonna do fine.