Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 35

So what do you think of this pic??

I have been doing so well for the last month. I have had 3 really hard days. Not sure what my problem is. I have not been eating right. I do my problem there. I just can't quit eating junk--It's not like I eat it all day long. Just a cookie here and a chip there. I had 2 cookies yesterday and 2 today. Tuesday, I had a cookie and a brownie. See...not huge quantities of junk, just a couple of things. It makes me crazy! I need to get a grip!

I had a fabulous lunch--a baked potato with 1/2 cup cottage cheese on top with salsa. Love it! My favorite lunch.

I did my muscle rounds this morning--legs. I'm in the high carb phase, of which I've messed up for 2 days. Oh well...move along. I can be too hard on myself, and I know that I will be disappointed on Monday with my weigh in.

Today's Affirmations:
I have confidence in myself
I choose to exercise regularly
I can lose weight


Anonymous said...

ok, that pic is just scary! ewww! you are doing great. a few days here and there are not bad. i have those kind of days all the time...too many for my liking.

Broadsword said...

Hilarious pic! Sometimes I feel like I embody both of them!