Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 32--Another Monday

It's measurement day! My body fat is down!! I can't see too many changes, but my side photos definitely look a lot better! Look at my butt! It's higher and nicely shaped, my midsection seems to be flatter. My arms are thinning out. So is my face. My BF% is down from 41.9 to 37.9. Kinda slow....but I'm on a downward roll! I have read that you can expect to lose from .5% to 1% BF per week. I am inline with that. I'm happy with progress so far. I've been heavy for 19 years, it's gonna take some time to get rid of all this fat! I can't wait to see what I'll look like in 6 months! I hope you hang around to watch me get there!

Bust: 43.75
waist: 37 STILL...
Hips: 43.75
abdomen: 42
Thighs: 23.5
Calf: 15

Not much change in the measurements, but as long as BF is going down, I'm good.

Today's affirmations:

I am happy with myself
I am exercising according to my plan
I have always had a fast metabolism
I am a size 6!

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