Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 30!

I usually post pictures of beautiful bodies for motivation...but how about this one? If you don't get off your a$$ NOW...this is what you will look like. This picture motivates me more than any other, how 'bout you?

My blog is now officially one month old! I have enjoyed blogging. I have met some really great and fun people. If you are one of my friends, I thank you so much for supporting me! If you're not one of my friends, "Why aren't you?" LOL!!

I had a REALLY bad day yesterday! I messed up my workout, I ate lunch with a resident at the subdivision I work at--and I'll tell you--we did not have a "healthy" lunch, top it off...I had a burrito for dinner. I am paying for it this morning, because my body is rejecting all the fat and carbs I had yesterday. Funny how your body will scream at you when you aren't eating right.

Today is a rest day--I am definitely enjoying that! I am sticking strictly to my eating plan today.

My favorite British Bloggers are on a little holiday for a few days. I will miss comic relief! If you haven't seen their blog you need to. They have the best sense of humor and their love of life shines thru! Visit Roy and Hazel

Here's a little video I thought was interesting on obesity--


Anonymous said...

that was an interesting video. absolutely amazing. and people wonder why they have health problems?!

JoLynn Braley said...

Unfortunately I don't think that providing more nutritional info will help the obesity crisis - refined sugar and flour is in almost all processed and fast food and it's quite addictive, and tastes good! There's a reason people eat this stuff, and it's already labeled with the ingredients and nutrition (albeit lack of) info.

That's what I think, and this is coming from someone who is addicted to sugar. Yep, if I start eating that stuff, I just want more and more and more. But, as long as I stick to whole foods and clean eating (avoid the sugar, fat, and flour laden processed and fast foods), then I do just fine. ;)