Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 3 P90X

Hi all you people out there! I am feeling so good! Today was shoulder/tri/bi and Ab RipperX--which really sucks. I did really well with the arm/shoulder exercises. They are pretty much the same as what I've been doing--just MORE. I'm a little sore, just enough to know I worked hard, not enough to make me hurt.

I had the most wonderful protein pancakes--recipe from a friend on the BeachBody boards--her name is Shione. She has the absolute best body. Here's the recipe:

6 egg whites
1 small banana
1/4 cup oatmeal
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
I throw everything into my magic bullet and blend. Makes 3 pancakes.

LOVED them!!!! Protein and carbs all in one!

We now have 5 people in our Clothing Challenge! Tomorrow is the start date. If you would like to join I would love to have you! Just send me an email at: All the participants will be posted on my side bar and you can watch their progress. I am trying to think up some prizes. Nothing fancy, just something that says, "You did it".

Today's Affirmations
I am enjoying my workouts
I am sticking with my challenge
I am a happy person


Joni said...

Hey - glad you are doing P90X - I am interested in seeing what you think of it since I have been hearing so much about it. I don't think I'll be doing the clothing challenge this time around, I have a few too many things going on right now, but I am excited to see how everyone does. Talk to you soon!

Marbella said...

Hi Shari,
Loved visiting your blog today and seeing you and especially getting that great pancake receipe. Does sound soooo yummy. Think will write it down and try it. Will be so sinful and wicked without the sin and wick! Would love to join the clothing challenge. Will search around for some pants I can´t wear (sure won´t be hard), and email you about it. I did the one we had here on the ShredderSphere and by luck got them to fit. We really are doing a lot now with so little time for anything extra. All these new-fangled PC stuff has me in a twirl for sure!
Will be checking back soon. Take care!

Debbie said...

Shari, the recipe sounds yummy! I almost ordered the P90X but then joined a gym instead. I was feeling like a hermit both working from home and working out at home.

Buffedstuff said...

I really like that magic bullet, glad to see things are going well for you. You know I will be stopping by occasionally to yell!
bring it! bring it! bring it ;)
keep doing your best....until next time.

Rob said...

Did you get my pics???

I am so gonna try those pancakes.
Talk to ya tomorrow,


We saw Third Day last year with The David Crowder Band...Awesome!!!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

That pancake recipe sounds good. I don't have a magic bullet (they look so cool on tv though), but I'm sure I can mix 'em good on my own. I like today's affirmations--especially, "I am a happy person."

Mike Groom said...

Shari, sounds like you are doing well getting people to participate in your clothing challenge, well done! Recipe sounds awesome and will definitely be giving that one a go soon.

Rob said...


Where did you go???

Hope all is well,


Anonymous said...

am stopping by to see how things are going. see that you havn't posted in a few days. hope all is well. life is tough sometimes. espeically when you get too many things on your plate at one time. keep going strong. will check back soon to see you!

Rob said...

That's it!

I'm huntin you down!!!

I really hope everything is okay...please just let us know that you are alright.
Be well,