Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 28

I have two weeks left of this Level one program, I'm currently on. I will then take a recovery week and start Power 90X. I should be ready by May 1st. My coach bazookaJeff and I feel that this is something that I can definitely do. I have shied away from it, because I didn't feel that I was "fit" enough. Well after doing this Metabolic Surge program, I know I can do it. I have carried my "accountability" one step further--I have signed up to be a Team Beachbody Coach. While I am working on my own physique, I can coach others. Hopefully I will be an inspiration to someone else.

Beachbody has a fabulous website: Go here! you can join the Million Dollar Body Club for free! This will allow you to work out in WOWY! (work out with you) There are so many fabulous workouts to choose from. I have Turbo Jam. Hip Hob Abs, P90, and Slim in Six. My favorites are TJ and HHA. The message boards are the most active that I have ever participated in! There is a thread for each program. You have GOT to check it out!

I made it thru yesterday without any diet coke. It was hard. Today is even harder. I am so sick of water, I can't hardly stand it. I feel like a fish! I know, I's so good for me! Yeah, but it's BORING!! I keep telling myself, "I no longer feel the need to drink diek coke". I don't drink tea, I don't know what else that I can sub for part of this water. I must have had at least 8 bottles of water yesterday--that's about 135 oz. of water. WELL over the 8 glasses that are usually recommended. I've had 70 oz's already and it's only 11:30 am. I'm a little pisser, too! I've been to the bathroom at least 4 times since 10:00! I know it will get easier. Probably after tomorrow! The first 3 days are usually the hardest!...

I think I see a little change in my pics. Not a lot, but if you look REAL hard you can see it in my arms, tummy, and hips. Don't look TOO hard! LOL!!!

Affirmations for today:
1. I no longer feel the need to drink Diet Coke
2. I no longer feel the need to drink Diet Coke
3. I no longer feel the need to drink Diet Coke

So there!

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