Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 27

This is Lauren Beckham, a fitness competitor. The photo is dated 2007. Just a little motivation for you and me!

I am a Diet Coke junkie. I have been drinking the stuff since about 1982. I have a six pack a day habit--or more, depending on the day. About 4 years ago, I gave up Diet Coke--the caffeine was killer. I drank 6-10 cans a day of this lethal stuff. So one day, I just quit. It was really hard. I had headaches from hell for about 3 days. THEN...I foud caffeine free Diet Coke. I loved having something cold and fizzy to drink. Water was/is just not my favorite. I have been drinking this stuff now, feeling pretty good about myself for not having caffeine. I don't drink coffee, either--never have.

I have read all the articles, heard all the reports about aspartame. I understand that our bodies really can't tell the difference between a sweetener and real sugar. I realize that this may be why I have had such a hard time losing weight. BUT...I have never really had a GOOD reason to quit.

Monday night my hubbie came home with a six pack for me as usual. I was sitting on the couch watching TV with him, and out of nowhere I told him that I did not want him to buy me any more Diet Coke. He looked at me like I had just told him the sky was falling! I said, "REALLY Mike. Please don't buy anymore. I just feel it is time to quit. When this sixpack is gone, I'm done." Well....the sixpack is gone--it was gone yesterday. No more Diet Coke for me--decaf or otherwise.

I couldn't wait to come in and tell you of my new challenge! This is going to be a tough one for me. I will really need encouragement. This is a 26 year old habit, but it needs to die!!

I have a bottle of water on my desk so I will have something to sip on. Please don't tell me to put lemons in it. That is just too gross! I can't stand lemon, unless it's on fish. There must be other ways to make water more palatable. I thought I would use a little Crystal Lite, but it has aspartame in it also. This stuff is in everything! Even in those fitness waters!'s cold turkey or should I say, cold water for me!

Cheer me on!!

Today's affirmations:
1. I am drinking enough water for MY body
2. I no longer feel the need to drink Diet Coke, (insert your vice here)
3. I am eating according to my plan


Anonymous said...

I want her arms (and body!)! wow a huge decision to drop the diet coke! you can do it!!!! believe that you don't "need" it! you WILL feel so much better without it!

Broadsword said...

Ha, ha! I had just taken a sip of DC when I logged on to your blog! I love the stuff but 6 cans a day IS a lot. I guess like smoking or any addiction cutting it dead can actually be easier than cutting down. Good luck! I don't know about the US but over here in the UK supermarkets have some great fizzy drinks which masquerade as non-alcoholic alternatives to wine like Schloer. Could be an alternative? I think they are actually healthy!!

missprissy said...

You're gonna have a new six pack soon and it won't be aluminum it will be abs of steel.