Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 26

Hi everyone out there! Are you having a great day? I am! I had a job interview for my "dream" job! Won't find out anything until next week. I know I will make it into the top two. I WILL get this job--for the good of all involved! How's that for positive thinking?

Look at this picture....Isn't she fabulous? Her name is Rachael Cosgrove. Among other things, she is the wife of Alwyn Cosgrove--trainer genius. I think she has the most perfect femininely muscular body there is. A great role model.

I did my workout today. Supersets then sub-maximal intervals. I'm a little sore from Saturday's workout--quads/hams.

Today I get a cheat meal! Yay! I'm having lasagne and french bread with salad. Maybe a little bit of chocolate! I might even have some wine. Whoa...now I'm really getting daring!

Tomorrow I'm going to tell you about a little competition a fellow blogger and I came up with. Speaking of competitions/challenges--are you doing your affirmations? I know Roy and Hazel are. So is Jamie! Be sure to leave your goals, comments, and affirmations in my comments. I really want to hear them. So does everyone else. You never know who you might inspire! Get to it!

Today's affirmations:
1. I eat all the right foods for the body I desire
2. With every deep breath I take, my boedy is burning fat
3. I can lose weight


Jamie said...

I feel better in my own skin.
I am able to climb a hill and not be huffing and puffing at the top.
I will climb my weight loss "mountain".
It's ok to be "bad" every now and then.
I can already see me in my size 6 jeans.

Broadsword said...

For a moment I thought that was you - quite a result in 24 hours!

Just kidding! :-)