Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 24

Today started as a crappy day. I woke up at 6:30 so tired that I just couldn't get up! Then I woke up at 7:05...CRAP! I need to workout! Well..even that didn't get me up. I slept in until 7:35, then jumped out of bed into the shower...My hubbie yelled out to me, "Aren't you going to work out?" Me: NO! I overslept and I have got to get ready for work!" So I'm buzzing around doing hair and makeup, pickup my watch and see that it says 7:00. WHAT???!!!! I look at Mike's clock and it also says 7:00--MY CLOCK READS 8:00. WELL F-ING CRAPOLA. WTF?? clock is one of those that sets today would have been the day we normally set our clocks forward, but since we did daylight savings time earlier this year--my clock is off. So twice a year, even though Arizona doesn't observe DST, I have to reset the damn clock. Needless to say, NO freakin' wonder I was so tired--it was only 5:30 am! DUH....

So...I have to work out tonite when I get home. I hate working out in the evening. I don't have that much time to spend with Mikey (hubbie) so every minute counts.

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday. Mine HAS gotten better as the day goes on!

Affirmations for today:

1. The more energy I use, the more energy I have.
2. I am growing more attractive every day!
3. I look better in my clothes.

Remember to post your goals/affirmations! I want to see them!
Tomorrow is measurement and weigh day!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I don't crave "junk" food all the time.
I've got my "emotional" eating undercontrol.
I feel better in my clothes.
I have a little more energy.