Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 1--P90X

I did it! I did my first P90X workout--Chest/Back. It was hard, but not as hard as I had it worked up in my mind. There were a few things I absolutely could NOT do! Such as: diamond pushups and decline pushups. I think I did one of each. Oh's a start! Right!? Gotta start somewhere. I am so excited. I hope I can keep up the intensity, focus, and enthusiasm. After I jumped around high-fiving myself, I realized that the DVD was still running and I had Ab RipperX to do! have GOT to be kidding!! That ain't right. That part is just sick. Needless to say I struggled to get out 5 reps on most of the exercises. After 8 min. I gave up. I think I will need to this part in the evening when I am more "fresh". Holy crapola!! I am feeling a little bit queasy. I have heard that people feel this way after doing the P90X work outs. I hope it goes away soon.

In my Day 1 pics, I look fatter in my belly area, but my bodyfat does not reflect that. My shorts are a lot tighter than the pants I had been taking pics in. Pushed it all in and up! Kinda like a fat little sausage! LOL!!'s a place to start. I have to remember how far I've come since January!

I am up 5 lbs, I don't see how that can body fat is the same as last week. I know it's not muscle--I think I pigged out on carbs last week and I'm retaining water. It will all work out in the end.

CLOTHING CHALLENGE: Don't forget to get me pics of you in a tight pair of jeans, skirt, or shorts! The challenge starts on May 1st. I am so excited. So far I have Rob and Jamie and myself. C'mon, guys...sign up. How fun would this be?! Send your start pic to: by May 1st.


CeeKaye said...

Hi Shari,

Next time shoot for at least 8 reps! You'll get there, in small moves. Like i could barely do 3 pushups; i try each day to at at least one more rep. now i can do 11. Kepp on shredding!

btw, as soon as i find some old clothes to try fitting in, i will take a pic- promise!

Buffedstuff said...

congrats and welcome to the beautiful world of P90x. I am in my
second round day 22.

I wish you well on this journey said...

I heard P90x is hard core bootcamp. It takes time to build your muscle to what you want to do to them. I know it took time for me to do yoga with all the meditation of holding different positions but NOW I can do it with NO difficulties. You can do this it just take time and a little by little you will be in the ring with Rocky. I posted my picture up on my blog and a link to your blog to join us for the 30 day challenge. I hope you don't mind.