Sunday, April 27, 2008

30 Day Challenge

I have decided that since I am starting P90X tomorrow...I want to do a "Clothing Challenge" along with it. I am going to pull out a pair of pants that are way too small and see how much progress I can get in 30 days.... I want YOU, my do the same. Find that dress, skirt, shorts, or pants that don't fit. I want you to take a pic and email it to me at . I will post them on my blog.

I think I will have a prize for the winner, and a couple of runners up. What do you think? Anyone want to donate something? T-shirts, water bottles, journals, whatever....I'll come up with something.

There are enough of you reading my blog that can do this! We should be able to come up with at least 20 people!

We will start May 1st. I know...that is only a few days away...but how long does it take to find a pair of pants and take a pic????


Mike Groom said...

good luck Shari - a clothing challenge can be great motivation.

Jamie said...

Hey Shari! I'm back. I've been a bad blogger. Now I'm back on the wagon again! I like your idea for the clothing challenge! Sounds like a TON of fun! Count me in!

Here are my affirmations for today!

I will be a good blogger!
I WILL kick my caffeine habit!
I will get my "emotional" eating under control!
My size 14 jeans are TOO BIG! YEAH ME!
I'm going to start walking more!

Rob said...

Hey Shari,

Sounds like a lot of fun...okay are we to take the picture with the pants that don't fit or what???

My family and I use to live in Flagstaff, Az...I envy you so much, we miss that area bad!!!

Rob said...

Hi Shari...this is a great motivation - thanks. Count me in.

Owner said...

Since I've gained so much in 10 months, and am just restarting Weight Watchers, I'd love to join. I have more than a few that I can't fit. I'll have my husband take a pic when he comes home. You just gave me an idea! I need to let my mind process it so I can write it out correctly. Thanks!

Nadine said...

I'm an idiot, left that note above under the wrong sign-in. This is the right one.

Nadine said...

I'm an even bigger idiot, I didn't realize your top message was posted the last day of April. I'll join, and just do it on my own.

BazookaJeff said...

Hey Shari - Status? One week into P90X my wife is down one inch, and I won't tell you how much in bodyfat (we think its an error) but the scale hasn't moved!