Friday, April 4, 2008

Affirmation Challenge

Don't forget...I asked everyone to throw out their affirmations in my comment section. I see I have a couple here, but I know there are more of you out there reading this! Please leave a comment--if you don't want to do affirmations, leave your goals. I would love to hear from/about you! I hope you have a happy healthy day!


Roy and Hazel said...

Being positive is really important. I sometimes think our brains are wired to be negative.

Anyhow, here goes...

We have reached our weight loss target.
We are delighted with our overall fitness and health.
We are making a real effort with our friends.
Our son is happy and secure (and has a girlfriend who he hasn't met on the Internet).

Best wishes!

Shari Kraft said...

Thank you for posting your affirmations! The last one is a little scary.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Thanks for stopping by, I wasn't expecting any comments, yet! haha. I'm going to add your site to my blogroll if that's alright with you.

My Goals:
Reach 160 by 2010.
Figure out what I want to study in college.
Enter college by 2010 the latest.
Do a triathlon by 2011.

Anonymous said...

Since I was 8 years old, I always want to see a humpback whale in Maine. With my health issues from my past, it kept coming up making a delay in going to Maine. I decided I had enough waiting so I'm going this year with my mom. Beside my goal in loosing weight of 30 lbs. by mid-June, I'm going to Maine to processes a child's dream.

Anonymous said...

Shari, found you via Adam's RTP blog roll. Let me just say, " you can do it!" Believe in yourself. I know all about the negative self-talk. It does make a difference. In the beginning I just couldn't "see" me at my goal but when I would workout I would tell myself that "I am 155!" I would repeat it over and over during my workouts. For the longest time I didn't reall believe it but kept going on. Pretty soon the weight was coming off..and what a rush that is when you start seeing the weight come off. It does seem so slow in the beginning but looking back I am so glad I stuck with it. It has been 18 months now since I started my weight loss journey and can hardly believe how far I have come. Guess what, I have reached my 155lb goal! YOu are right in that it takes consistency and persistence. Keep pushing yourself beyond where you think you can go!!! change your thoughts, change your life!!! You can do it!!!
sorry for the long post.

Jamie said...

I am a size 6.
I am happy and healthy in all aspects of my life.
I'm not going to let set backs stop me from attaining my goals.
I WILL kick my caffeine problem.