Monday, March 24, 2008


Well....I got the pics on and feel like I really look like crap! It's definitely motivating to see yourself online. I'm glad I'm doing this. I need accountability. We all do, when it comes to losing weight and getting fit.

I ate pretty well yesterday at the buffet. I started with a huge plate of fruit! Then I had a bran muffin w/cranberries, cranapple juice, 1 glass of champagne. I was really hungry and went back for more fruit. BUT....chocolate called my name and I had 3 small truffles. Not too horribly bad....but bad just the same. Went right back on my program the minute we left the restaurant. Nothing but fruit the rest of the day.

Today is a high carb day. Which is REALLY great! I've had berries, oatmeal, chicken, and veggies so far. It's is an easy day as far as eating is concerned. I did my workout this morning as written in my plan.

I had my hair cut last week. It really sucks. I was so sick of paying $40 for a haircut, I decided to go to Great Clips. Well...I was in WalMart shopping and thought, " Hey! They have a salon here!" I went in and was greeted by a very nice lady. After I had sat there for a bit, this strange woman "blew" in and said she'd be with me in just a minute if that was okay with me. DUH...what am I supposed to say to that? She was wearing this horrible heavy wig that was in a 60's flip complete with scarf tied around her head (like a headband--not indian style)Then she messed around at her station for a minute--turned around to me and said she had forgotten her shears and was going to run out to her car. I really felt like I needed to RUN..but I didn't. I expected her to wash my hair--since it was kinda dirty. NO! not that--she got out a squirt bottle and sprayed me down. I wanted a cute little bob, with a slight angle. She chopped all around the bottom, gave me bangs. She was done in less that 10 minutes. The whole time she was shaking. I asked her if she was new at cutting hair. No--she said she was used to working in a spa environment. HOLY CRAP! If that's the kind of work you get in a spa--I'm NEVER going to one!

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Adam Waters said...

Hi Shari, great to see you are posting from your heart and uncensored, keep it up! You are live Shredder Blog Roll right now. See u in SS after 30 days!