Thursday, March 27, 2008

Have You Ever Wanted ANYTHING This Bad?

When the Rocky movie came out I was like 20-21. I LOVED this movie. I especially love this portion of it! The music really pumped you up! It was inspirational and I'm not afraid to admit it--I cried several times thru the movie. I'm such a sucker for inspirational or patriotic themes. You should have seen me at my son's Marine Corp graduation. My heart SWELLED with pride not just for my son, but for my country.

In the clip above, you can see how bad Rocky wants to win this fight. He's pushing beyond his limits both physically and emotionally. Have you EVER worked for something THAT hard? I don't believe I have. Although this morning was pretty close. I worked out hard. It was great! My workout this morning was Antagonistic Supersets. Then I did what is called Sub-Maximal Interval Training--6 intervals of that. I was wiped out! This is so much fun! I love this program. (Metabolic Surge) I have NEVER worked out like this in my whole life.

When I was growing up in the 60's and 70's--girls just didn't work out. We weren't even encouraged to play sports--except of course badminton or volleyball. WooHoo! My Dad was a football coach. He took me with him to lots of practices and away games. I was FASCINATED by the Nautilus equipment and free weights, BUT..."No, honey, you're a girl and girls don't lift weights. Do you want to have big muscles like the players?" Even Dad who really knew his stuff, didn't realize that was exactly what I needed and wanted. So after years of getting this kind of response, I never played ANY sports and was actually afraid to play anything. I was afraid that I wouldn't be any good at it, and I didn't want to embarass myself. My physical outlet became cheerleading. In the mid 70's cheerleading was beginning to come into its' own. We were doing complex stunts, jumps, and gymnastic moves. FINALLY! Something I was good at! I did this throughout my high school years. I tried out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in 1976. I was too short and about 15 lbs too heavy. I did not have the dance and gymnastic background that I needed. I was cut--boohoo! It was a life experience that I will never forget!

So....I guess my point is this--find what you are good at and DO IT! Find your passion. Right now my passion is ME! I dont' mean that in a selfish way. I mean that in a take charge way! It's about time that I work on ME! I want to live to be 100 and I can't do that if I'm out of shape and eating junk! This is my first year of the second half of my's gonna be a great one!

Weight today: 190 lbs
I am currently in Phase 3 of Round 1, Level 1 of Metabolic Surge. I will be doing 3 rounds total, then moving on to the regular program for 3 more rounds.

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