Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day Two

I don't know about you, but I am confused. I have spent the last year reading everything I can get my hands on about health, fitness, and diet. Each "guru" says something different. One says do as much cardio along with weight training as you can get in. Another one says that weight training is enough. THEN...we have the one that says, "just do enough cardio to keep your body losing fat." Everyone of these people purport to be an "expert". Everytime I buy an e-book--I read it eagerly and think, "okay, I can do that!" Then I get going and the program is just not for me--whatever the reason. This does not mean that the program is not good, it may work for someone else. I think exercise needs to be tailored to YOU. Do what feels right, do what you will stick with. As for time of day--do it when YOU can do it. Anytime is the right time for exercise.

As for me....I'm doing Jari Love--Ripped, 3 days per week. I like the concept, and I like her. I also do Cardio 3 days per week for 40 min.

I am finishing week 3 of conditioning on the Physique Transformation program. So far so good. Next week should be kinda tough--I will have to eat 2300+ calories. Then my Fat Burning Phase begins. I'll be posting my progress, along with pics everyday.

One thing for you to remember....information is good, but information overload sucks. Too much of a good thing is never good. Do what feels right for your body. See ya tomorrow!

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