Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 7

As of today, I have been writing in this blog for one week. I have quite a long way to go. The first phase of my program consists of 45 days. That will be April 30, 2008. My goal is to be down a few lbs. and have a lower body fat % -- around 38%.

That's the thing about setting goals. I dont' know enough about how much fat a body realistically can release in a set period of time. I know that I can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week. How does that translate to %? I haven't a clue! So basically, I'm doing my best at the workouts and eating plan as laid out, and will be totally THRILLED with ANY progress during the first phase!!

I understand the importance of setting goals. My goals are important to ME! Some of them may not be reachable or even realistic, but they are MY goals. If I don't hit them, fine. I will just start off where I ended on April 30 and modify as I go. I have at LEAST 21.7% body fat to lose! (Yikes! that's a whole person!)
That will put me at 20%. I am hoping to hit that goal by Dec. 30, 2008. We'll see. I'm not giving up this year. This is MY year. I refuse to be fat and 51!

My weight today: 191.5
Body Fat % 41.7 measured a week ago.

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