Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 5

Remember when I was talking about being confused with all the information out there? Well....I think I've had an epiphany! I was struggling along with the conditioning phase of the Physique Transformation program. I was feeling sluggish and full and crappy. BUT...I was determined to follow thru. WELL....I was on Adam Waters website the other day. I saw his amazing transformation in only 84 days. Now I've been tantalized by other programs with their promises of quick results. But this was different. I dug a little further and found that he had used a program developed by Nick Nilsson. I had heard of him before and probably have been on his site at one time or another. I decided to pay him another visit. I read his sales page and bought yet ANOTHER E-book. As I read thru the book, I really felt this program was different. So I decided to ditch the Physique Transformation program and start Metabolic Surge. I struggled with the decision for a couple of days, but in the end I think I will do well on MS.

Yesterday was Day one and I am eating Low Carb for 5 days then next week will be High Carb. My exercise is fabulous! I am lifting and doing cardio and feel great about that. I have also ditched the "trainer" that has had me doing pilates and yoga. I feel like I'm on track and looking forward to the next few weeks.

Nick's program is laid out day by day--even your menus. There is NO THINKING, no worries about what to to next. Just print off the days as you go and do what he says. Ya gotta have faith!!

One thing that really impressed me...I wrote to Nick and he actually answered my email! That really means alot to me. I had bought a program in Dec. The guy that put it together would send followup emails. In these emails he was so busy telling me how busy he was with training and his business that I was not to bother him unless I had a question that was not answered in his FAQ's. He stressed that his time was important and that we (the buyers of his E-book) needed to read the book--it would answer all our questions. I should have asked for a refund. If you are a trainer...you need to be accessible to the people that put their trust and hard earned money in your hands.

I have a lot more to lose than Adam Waters...I know that my transformation will take a lot longer than 84 days, but I can make huge strides in my progress during that time.

I will document everyday for you. I think if you are looking for a program that makes sense and one that you can actually DO..check out his site: www.fitstep.com

I took some before pics, but they are so bad I am embarassed to post them. I will do that soon. Let me get going on my program and see some results. Then I'll feel secure enough to post. I'm not as brave as Adam Waters--putting himself out there everyday to public scrutiny. Just give me some time.

Today's weight 192. Down 3 lbs from Friday.
My body fat is 41.7

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